Dallas SEO expert shares 7 need to know facts about search engine optimization before spending a dime!

Dallas SEO expert shares 7 need to know facts about search engine optimization before spending a dime!
Here’s a scary thought that might keep you awake at night…

I often speak to business owners about Dallas seo services. And there’s one fact that really seems to hold true… About 90% of the business owners that I speak with pay for SEO services, and if they receive any benefits whatsoever, they are very little.

The worst part of this situation is that…

Most marketing managers that I talk with are spending a fortune – and I mean large amounts of money – for Internet marketing services. In many cases they have huge marketing budgets, and the only thing they ever really get to show for it is a half decent website and no customers. Something’s got to give.

To help you get a better understanding of what I mean, I am not strictly speaking about search engine optimization when I tell you about companies flushing their marketing budgets down the drain. In fact, many companies are spending over $1000 a month, sometimes more, on YellowPages.com advertisements and they achieve dismal results at best.

But on the other hand…

I’ve also met many business owners that have paid or continue to pay thousands of greenbacks for SEO consultants. It’s unfortunate because many of these unsuspecting businesses achieve nothing near the results that they were expecting. They never come close to the first page rankings on Google for top keyword phrases in their niche.

Now we’ll look at the flip side of the coin…

Some companies have small budgets available for marketing and they do not have the available funds to spend $200-$300 a month for SEO services. So they find the first SEO company to come across their path and hire them without doing any research. This is a common mistake that many companies make when it comes to hiring SEO services. The bulk of the companies out there are just trying to make a fast buck, and these low dollar services ultimately end up providing very little value, if any at all. It’s tough to find a top-notch SEO provider in Dallas sometimes, but thankfully you stumbled upon this website today.

It’s really sad when businesses get burned by search engine optimization providers. The truth is, poor online marketing and SEO can really hurt companies and drain their entire online marketing budget. This is good money that could have been used in more lucrative ways to help grow and expand the business.

Businesses need their marketing budgets to be effective in order to live to fight another day, and it’s difficult to throw away good money on crappy SEO services in Dallas that will never provide a solid return on investment.

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